Tridem Pharma commits to provide a one-stop service to bring pharmaceutical & healthcare products from all over the world to Africa.


Supply Chain

Since 1986, Tridem Pharma has provided high-quality distribution services to its clients, notably by benefiting from a historic presence in Africa and a permanent field relay to wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals.

At Tridem Pharma, our clients benefit from economies of scale in multi-countries, multi-languages and multi-cultural environments in Africa. Tridem Pharma possesses a strong supply chain with all the necessary equipment and our state-of-the-art facilities (storage at room temperature, controlled temperature products, narcotics, dangerous products, bonded warehouse), which releases our clients from the complexity of logistics in the territory.

Through our unique infrastructure and geographical presence, we facilitates consumers’ access to pharmaceutical products from our partners and clients. Our distribution service covers every link in the supply chain such as reception, picking, retail packaging, palletizing, expedition.

Companies using our distribution network benefit from a wide customer reach, a professional logistic support and a fast business growth.
Our understating of the pharmaceutical supply chain in the territory enables us to provide flexible and agile customized-distribution services to our clients.
Our clients benefit from a 12-month order forecast and keep full visibility of their activity thanks to Distriweb®, a tool for reporting online sales and stocks.

Quality Assurance

As a pharmaceutical distribution service provider, Tridem Pharma takes care, on behalf of its clients, of the storage, shipment and delivery of health products entrusted to us, under proper conditions in accordance with all the required pharmaceutical regulations. 

Our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical warehouses in Europe and Africa meet all requirements of the local drug authorities and the up-to-date international Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines.

As Tridem Pharma possesses pharmaceutical establishment status, we have the skills, approvals and quality standards to take care of different pharmaceutical and healthcare products, such as products to be stored at room temperature, products to be stored at a controlled temperature, narcotics, dangerous products, and products to be kept in a bonded warehouse.

Tridem Pharma’s quality assurance system and operation guidelines are consistent with up-to-date international standards, which guarantees that all clients’ products are kept properly in Tridem Pharma warehouses. We offer full traceability and secured records to assure product quality along the distribution.


By licensing-out assets to Tridem Pharma, we offer development resources and commercial capabilities, to maximize the potential of clients’ products while lowering financial risks. Therefore, our clients can focus on their most profitable markets and products. They refocus on their strategic goals and free up their resources while we enhance their assets by giving them a second life.

Through a long track record of deal successes, our global team devotes their hearts and minds to our clients to achieve success and build strong relationships on the basis of mutual trust, quality and performance.

We are constantly exploring partnership opportunities in the identification, negotiation and operation of licensing agreements with pharmaceutical companies. Our strong supply chain and diversified services ensure to get the right medicines to the patients at the right time, safely and efficiently.

Tridem Pharma acquires, through its subsidiary B&O Pharm, marketing authorizations for your patent or generic medicines to enter new markets and make a profit.

Tridem Pharma has regulatory approvals in:

  • Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

  • Marketing authorization Operator

  • Manufacturer (secondary packaging)

  • Bonded warehouse


Tridem Pharma is one of the few export depositaries in the territory possessing an internal marketing team to help its clients to build and deploy their marketing strategy. We help clients to position their products properly to local customers by reshaping the marketing strategy and designing new marketing tools.

We are specialized in forwarding a client’s message to the right people in a compelling way and developing marketing materials that resonate with the audiences across Africa. People are always at the heart of our approach and by listening to and interacting with the patients and healthcare professionals, we can help our client to make well-established decisions regarding patients’ health.

At Tridem Pharma, we help optimizing the client’s brand and image by:

  • Deploying tailor-made marketing strategies by country to improve the product approach, market share and brand loyalty

  • Organizing effective and cohesive marketing campaigns in the field to the target audience

  • Offering marketing strategy advisory services to suit the very particular needs of a product and its market

We provide our clients with the latest technological and IT tools with SAP® CRM up-to-date, through which all marketing activities are centralized so as to provide our clients comprehensive analytics reports and sales forecasts of their products in order to help our clients understanding how to drive growth and revenue in the territory.


Tridem Pharma has built a strong sales network of professional representatives in Africa to promote products in the field, set up one-on-one meetings with physicians & pharmacists and take orders on behalf of Tridem Pharma’s clients.

Our promotional strength is based on the unique synergy between:

  • Strong knowledge and constant analysis of local markets in evolution and trends, and competitive intelligence

  • A field team of 600+ experienced medical representatives, who are continuously trained on clients’ products

  • Permanent contacts with local stakeholders to define and modify the marketing strategy

At Tridem Pharma, we value and dedicate ourselves to long-lasting relationships. We pay attention to how a client’s message is communicated and promote products with the same passion as our client to achieve the best results.

Regulatory Affairs

Due to heterogeneous regulatory requirements of each African country, understanding and managing pharmaceutical regulations in the territory can be a real challenge. Tridem Pharma has developed its regulatory affairs expertise with high-added value such as providing regulatory advices and supporting pharmaceutical companies in obtaining legal status and administrative clearances.

Our Regulatory Affairs team members keep themselves constantly informed in regulatory and law matters with different national health authorities in the territory. We offer regulatory affairs support to clients at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from marketing authorization application procedure to the management of day-to-day regulatory issues.

We offer a registration procedure management service for both patent and generic healthcare products ranging from pre-marketing assessment, marketing authorization application to the post-marketing follow-up and the marketing authorization renewal process in order to ensure that the product conforms in terms of quality, effectiveness and safety to the applicable standards. Our Regulatory Affairs service is a solution to a simplified path for drug approval.

We also provide a Pharmacovigilance service for all our clients, following good pharmacovigilance practices:

Watch services:

  • Record and report all local PV cases

  • Initial and continuous training of our team, annual evaluation

  • Monthly regulatory watch

  • Answer to reconciliations and support for follow-ups

Files submission services

  • Direct submission (within 2 working days) to local health authorities (CIOMS, PSUR, RMP ...)

  • Track and record all submissions by product and by country

  • Archive all PV submissions

Institutional Market

The public market also commonly called Institutional Market (IM) is dominated by NGOs, the WHO, the United Nations entities, The Global Fund and in minority by some pharmaceutical companies.
Due to constant demand, this segment is growing every year by a double-digit trend and represents a huge opportunity to improve population life, find new horizons of business and new challenges for the pharma industry players.

Tridem Pharma IM department has a devoted team located in India, China and Africa dedicated to the research, the screening, the submission and the follow-up of all type of tender opportunities, at international and national levels.
Tridem Pharma IM department has a strong and growing database of suppliers for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medicals consumables, diagnostics, PPE, ready to fulfill the tender requirements and needs, for any fields and any therapeutic area, in countries with or without critical situation, such as war or pandemic situation.

New suppliers before entering our system have to be qualified by our internal Quality Assurance(QA), which is aligned with the WHO QA policy and requirements. We have been audited by the WHO, we a qualified Model Quality Assurance System for Procurement Agencies (MQAS) supplier for bulk and kits. This status allows us to access to a different type of tender, such as kitting. Because the selection of reliable suppliers is a critical step that determines the cost of medicines, we pay extra attention to transparency and quality under national procurement laws.

Tridem Pharma Institutional Market team can offer you a full or partial service:

  • Alert tender aligned with your product portfolio

  • New opportunity research, screening, local submission and follow-up

  • Large prequalified products database


A well-trained team is critical for a company to achieve its commercial success and sometimes the major difference between its competitors. We believe it is essential to keep our client’s sales force equipped with up-to-date product knowledge and good marketing skills to maintain a competitive edge.

From initial training to ongoing courses through online assessment tests, medical representatives receive one of the best training to maximize the value of the knowledge they acquired and to become top performers.

Tridem Pharma’s training service offers an internet-based e-learning platform to help the field team expand their skills and knowledge from anywhere. Medical representatives are not only been trained on products but also on sales skills that enable them to make compelling conversations perceived as a value-added resource by healthcare professionals.

We also provide technical support to help develop dynamic instructional courses to clients’ field team to meet the goals or overcome challenges.

Meanwhile, Tridem Pharma’s training team constantly ensures and monitors the skills and knowledge of its clients’ sales team.