Press release • 13 December 2023

New milestone for Tridem Pharma: moving to new site in France

Tridem Pharma has reached an important milestone with the relocation of its French team to a brand-new office building in Belberaud, France. This project, which combines headquarter offices with an ART warehouse, marks a new phase in Tridem Pharma's international development.

The new site not only provide a better working environment for the team by reflecting Tridem Pharma's emphasis on its employees by providing a first-class working environment, but it will also stimulate the spirit of innovation and teamwork. Taking advantage of the housewarming, the company organized a Christmas celebration. This event was part of the company's New Year's Fresh Look and the employees, and their families were invited to participate. Through this event, the staff strengthened the team cohesion and shared the success and joy of the company.

Currently, the team is simultaneously working on the relocation of warehouse to further optimize the company's logistics system and improve the efficiency of the company's operations. This will provide greater support for Tridem Pharma's business development in all regions of the world. Tridem Pharma is full of confidence and expectation in the new year. We believe that with the opening of new office and the completion of the warehouse relocation, the company will usher in a brighter future.

Tridem Pharma's New office and Warehouse in France covers an area of 3 hectares and is divided into two parts: office building and ART warehouse. The office building has a floor area of 1,563 square meters and adopts an environmentally friendly design concept, providing a comfortable and easy working environment for the employees through simple and dynamic office space and auxiliary facilities. The ART warehouse and cold storage with a total floor area of 9,817 square meters and a capacity of 14,000 pallets will adopt the Dematic management system and be connected to supply chain system through SAP S4HANA, providing professional, efficient, and convenient pharmaceutical warehousing and logistics services to all customers.