Press release • 11 May 2021

Tridem Pharma joins hands with Biosynex to develop medical diagnostics market in West Africa

On May 4, 2021, Mr. Gino FORMINI, General Manager of Tridem Pharma, signed a cooperative agreement with Mr. Thomas LAMY, General Manager of Biosynex, a French leader in diagnostic tests. Tridem Pharma is now in charge of the distribution and promotion of the Biosynex covered market in 21 countries in the French-speaking area of West Africa and 5 countries in the English-speaking area. Tridem Pharma, as a major player of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, providing one-stop solution services to global pharmaceutical companies in Africa, such as regulatory affairs, distribution and promotion. Established in Africa for 36 years, Tridem Pharma has supported more than 30 leading pharmaceutical laboratories for many years and contributes to their success in sub-Saharan Africa. It is a new breakthrough for Tridem Pharma in the field of medical diagnosis by this partnership with Biosynex. This partnership will be under the responsibility of the director of the Diagnostics division of Tridem Pharma.

(Left)General Manager of Tridem Pharma: Mr. Gino FORMINI

(Right)General Manager of Biosynex: Mr. Thomas LAMY


BIOSYNEX Company is specialized in the design and distribution of rapid diagnostic tests (RDT). Today, BIOSYNEX is the leader of the RDT French market. Fast and easy to use, these RDTs are commercialized in France and in some 70 countries through local distributors. By targeting the general public and health professionals, BIOSYNEX brings concrete and effective answers to public health issues at the heart of today’s preoccupations. 


Tridem Pharma, Fosun Pharma’s business unit for Africa and Middle East, has built a comprehensive pharmaceutical supply chain to cover nearly 90% of Africa and Middle East region. In 1986, TRIDEM Pharma started building a strong track record in the market and out in the field. Acting as an expert interface between the pharmaceutical industry and the Africa and Middle East market (e.g. health authorities, wholesalers, prescribers and pharmacists), we dedicat