Press release • 20 October 2020

Fosun Pharma donates Medical Supplies to the Ministry of Health of Kenya in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nairobi, Kenya 19th October 2020 – Fosun Pharma donated medical supplies to the Ministry of Health of Kenya on October 19th 2020 at the Ministry of Health premises during the daily COVID-19 briefing in presence of the Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Rashid Aman, the Director of Public Health Dr. Kepha Ombacho, the Director of Global Health Security Dr. Andrew Toro and the Procurement Head Mr. Peter. The donation is an initiative in response to support Kenya in fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic, as most countries are in demand for medical supplies to tackle the disease. The donated supplies include 20,000 face masks, 30,000 surgical gloves and 200 infrared thermometers.

Fosun Pharma representatives handing over a box of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Rashid Aman as symbol of donation.

The ceremony took place after the COVID-19 briefing to the nation; the Chief Administrative Secretary, Dr. Rashid Aman, has invited Fosun Pharma on stage to complete the handover ceremony. During his speech, Dr. Rashid Aman expressed his high gratitude to Fosun Pharma for the donations and support, he mentioned that “It is the second time within few weeks that the Ministry of Health of Kenya received donations from Fosun Pharma through its local subsidiary Tridem Pharma Kenya Limited which is remarkable support. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fosun Pharma and their representatives for much needed donations and we continue to work with. Our well wishes to those who offered us donations in supporting the fight against COVID-19.”

Fosun Pharma, a long-term partner on fighting malaria in the country, stands ready to fulfill its corporate responsibility by providing medical supplies to contribute to the international community’s pandemic efforts.